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Particle Measuring Systems

4D Technologies is renowned for selling viable & non-viable particle measuring systems in Pakistan. Designed with precision, our particle counters give perfect results.


We are pros in distributing perfect particle counters in Pakistan for air, liquid and gas that proficiently bring accurate results. Backed by the through research our liquid particle counters efficiently detect the particles present in chemicals and pure water. All of our contamination monitors are designed with accuracy so that you get the optimum results. Cleanroom has to be particle free to meet the regulatory requirements. Be assured, our particle counters & contamination monitors are developed to give you precise results.

Liquid Particle Counters

We are under contract with the best liquid particle counters manufacturers around the globe. If you have been seeking high quality and portable particle counter or a cleanroom particle counter with a warranty that will cover everything then look nowhere else 4D Technologies because we have got you covered for all your needs regarding liquid particle counters.


Clean room liquid particle counters are essential for measuring the particles and setting the standards that are up to the mark. With the help of pre-installed particle counter sensor, this instrument detects and counts a single particle at a time to guarantee you the accuracy in measurements. Looking for a liquid particle counter? Call now +92-21-34160190

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